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Pastor Audley Largie

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Audley Largie is a Pastor, Entrepreneur, and a Father. 


Installed as Senior Pastor of Bethel Church by his Grandfather in June 2012, he renamed the church to New Bethel Church (NBC), to reflect the growth and changes that would occur as the ministry continues to march forward through God's guidance . 


Pastor Audley Largie is committed to being a voice in this 21st century that bridges the gap through the word of God despite a person's differences, race, age or denomination. He believes in redeeming lost souls by leading people to understand the plan that God has for their lives. 


He has written his first book titled Crossroads and is the new owner of a restaurant called the Anchor Eatery. In addition, he has owned two businesses (Alternate Cleaning Inc. and Step Up Learning Academy Inc.) 


Pastor Audley is the proud father of two children; his son Nate and his daughter Natalie.

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